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water.sync continue its tour in miami for satellite art show during art basel 

Alex Côté was selected to present his last solo, WATER.sync during Satellite Art Show with Performance is Alive at Miami Art Basel. Scheduled on Saturday the 3rd of November at 6 PM at Indian Beach Park. After presenting two video premieres during the last editions, the performer is heading to Miami Beach to take part of this unique art fair!

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water.sync performance & exhibition with quebec & montreal arts councils

Curator and main artist of the exhibition, Alex Côté presents WATER.sync, an immersive exhibition about water, involving twelve artists from different disciplines. The exhibition took place at Livart Gallery in January 2022 and will be back in Montreal during all summer! The exhibition will be presented from July 23rd to September 25th and performance on September 16th at Maison Culture Pointe-aux-Trembles.


television interviews at radio-canada, tva, météomédia and newspaper le soleil

During the inauguration of his public art installation Plastic.Medusa, Côté gave live TV interviews for TVA nouvelles, Radio-Canada and MétéoMédia, along with publications for Le Soleil, Québec Hebdo, Québec Réveille amongst others.


shoreline clean-ups by l'idylle arts vivants, organisation bleue & RDP-PAT

Selected by Montreal Arts Council, L'Idylle arts vivants is currently organizing shoreline clean-ups on RDP-PAT neighborhood in Montreal, in which 800 KG was removed from the shore. An environmental art exhibition will take place at the Maison de la Culture Pointe-aux-Trembles from July 23rd to September 25th 2022. 


alex Côté presents his most ambitious artwork : plastic.medusa

Commissioned by Waterlution, Montreal-artist Alex Côté signs a large-scale sculpture made out of 2000 pieces of plastic or trash removed from the shores and waters of St-Lawrence River. This public art installation is exhibited at the Aquarium du Québec and his now part of the permanent collection of the SÉPAQ. 


plastic.water premiered at miami during art basel

Plastic.Water video performance was selected by Performance is Alive to be premiered at Satellite Art Show during Miami Art Basel. The work featuring twelve performers interacting with recycled plastics into Portuguese rivers aim to grow awareness about plastic pollution. 


new site-specific performance

With the City of Montreal and public art creator + AMOR, Alex Côté presented a new performance, Dis.Tense, to inaugurate the large scale installation 1000 Faces in Parc des Faubourgs. The performance was created in response to the sculpture which immerse the public within a thousands of reflections, colors and mirrors! 


2021 summer exhibitions

Create Magazine, Fierté Montréal & Maison Notman selected artist Alex Côté for collective exhibitions, showcasing works from his series Plastic.Organic, Plastic.Humans and Organic.Body. The artworks can be seen during all summer of Sainte-Catherine street, in the co-working spaces of Maison Notman and online via Create Magazine.


pride mtl & gallea selects a work from alex côté

Selected by Pride Montréal and Gallea, the work 'Queer Renaissance' from the 'Plastic.Humans' series is part of a one-month virtual exhibition. The Montreal artist will be live on Instagram to discuss his work and diversity, be there!


video-performance pride.forms premiered in miami & in u-k

Alex Côté and L'Idylle | arts vivants are proud to announce that their video-performance 'PRIDE.forms' will be premiered for Satellite Art Show by Performance is Alive during Miami Art Basel 2019, curated by Quinn Dukes. In addition, the work will be presented for Let's Dance International Frontiers Festival 2020 in Leicester, U-K, curated by Pawlet Brookes and Serendipity. 


archive contemporary invites alex côté for a collective exhibition

Archive Contemporary gallery is curating a group show in Montreal 'Inner Landscapes' which will be including three photographs of the latest series of Alex Côté, 'Plastic.Humans', from March 14th till the end of the month. This group exhibition positions the work of seven Canadian artists in dialogue around notions of nostalgia, introspection and the subconscious. 


l'idylle | arts vivants announces

a new art direction

We're in the new decade, so it's the perfect time to celebrate the fresh new kick-off for the non-profit organization L'Idylle - arts vivants ! With the atmosphere of a festive artistic happening, come take part in a beautiful evening filled with surprises and discover the new creative team of the organism. Cocktail, Performances, Reveal & Party! Link to the event below.


fugues mtl & samuel larochelle interviews alex côté

Samuel Larochelle interview Alex Côté pour le Fugues Montréal: "Depuis seulement cinq ans, Alex Côté a réalisé des résidences artistiques en Irlande, en Espagne, en Suisse, en France et au Portugal. En septembre 2019, il était en action au Festival FIAP en Martinique (...)" Read more below!

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festival international art performance

fiap19 in martinique

Invited to the Festival of Performance Art in Martinique (FIAP), the performer Alex Côté will showcase his last multidisciplinary work, 'WATER.sync', create in-situ performances with performer Alicja Korek, exhibit artworks in a gallery and take part in many activities and debates related to performance art.

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arielle & alex côté perform 'oneiros' at never apart in montreal

Taking inspiration from dreams and the universe, Arielle brings to life a transcendant creature using painting, sculpture and movement to create a cosmic living artwork on the performer Alex Côté. Come witness the performance 'Oneiros' and discover the artworks exhibited this fall at Never Apart.


two-year outdoor exhibition for alex côté at parc des faubourgs

Alex Côté has been selected for a two-year exhibition at the Parc des Faubourgs in Montreal with his series 'Plastic.Humans'. Join us for the opening on September 27th 2019. There will be more events to come, stay tuned!


festivals performances & collective art residency for alex côté & L'idylle

Invited by the curator Paulina Almeida and the city council of Àgueda, the performer Alex Côté is currently co-curating a collective residency in Portugal, where eight Canadian artists will work on new projects, exhibitions and performances will take part in the well-known Festival ÀgitÀgueda in July.


two more festivals for 'submerge' in montreal & new york city

After taking part of the digital arts curation for Montreal's Festival Distorsion last week, Alex Côté's video installation SUBMERGE is going to be exhibited in New York City for the ITINERANT Performance Art Festival 2019 at Grace Exhibition Space.


alex côté is invited by de serres for toronto's biggest art fair 2019

After winning an exclusive booth for emerging artists, Alex Côté will be presenting my work this February at the Toronto Art Fair, presented by Artist Project. It is the city's largest gathering of contemporary artists! Invited by DeSerres, he will also present a new original work under the art competition theme: Self-Portrait.


new original series 'plastic.humans' exhibited in rome, italy

Alex Côté is extremely excited to introduce a new photographic series created last summer which involved twelve performers: Plastic.Humans. The very first piece will be exhibited in Rome at the Millepiani museum for LoosenArt's international photo exhibition Bodies in movement. Artworks will be available in Feb!


new creation for the 'nocturne' at the museum of contemporary art

After the immense success of November 9th's Nocturnes, Alex Côté is happy to present new unreleased videos in our "Haven of reconnection", created with the curator Alejandro Figueroa and sound artist Thierry Gauthier. Explore the Manifesto exhibition and the MAC museum while dancing to amazing DJ sets.


alex côté, vj at the mtl museum of contemporary art for the 'nocturne'

The curator Alejandro Figueroa invited multidisciplinary artist Alex Côté to present two VJ sets at the Nocturne on November 9 at the MAC, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.


exhibition with arielle & duval

Invited by visual artists Arielle Côté and DUVAL, Alex Côté presented six photographic works, as well as the video installation PLASTIC.ORGANIC at Nomad Life during all of October.


new exhibition at le livart gallery in mtl

Selected by the Montreal gallery Livart as part of their collective exhibition Demi-Semi-Nu, Alex Côté will present eight photographic works as well as the video installation Plastic.Organic from July 2 to August 5, 2018.


SUBMERGE finished 2ND in the public voting for the Universal Sea

I am presenting to the public, in association with The Universal Sea, two humanoids characters layered in gold and silver plastic that try to resolve this question: Pure or Plastic?


site-specific performance masterclass at the udk in berlin for alex côté

Recently in Berlin for being part of a workshop group organized by the Universität der Künste in Berlin, Alex Côté performed urban interventions in the city center of Berlin, created by Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser, international artists based in Cologne Germany. 


Upcoming performance at Pallazo Ca'Zanardi venue in Venice

On the eve of the Anima Mundi Festival in Venice, the curator Luca Curci and director of ItsLiquidGroup invited Alex Côté  to exhibit the performance work: "Sun.Sync" during the opening of the event VISIONS (September 14 - November 26, 2017) part of ANIMA MUNDI festival, the International Art Festival organized in Venice (Italy).


'Sun.Sync' at NYC Itinerant performance art festival

Invited by the curator Hector Canonge, Alex Côté presented his last multidisciplinary piece, Sun.Sync, in Brooklyn at Last Frontier NYC, within the performance art festival's opening.


Exhibition of one artwork at Timeraiser 150 Montréal

As part of the Timeraiser 150 event and exhibition in Montreal, at the top of Place Ville-Marie, artist Alex Côté exhibited a photographic work immortalized in Ireland in 2014.


Art residency Àgit Lab in Àgueda, Portugal

Invited by the international artist and curator Paulina Almeida, Alex Côté and his collaborator Mathieu-Philippe Perras have plunged into the gardens of Parque municipal de Alta Vila to work with a creative team of local artists on short films, photographic arts and performing arts.


new performance 'sun.sync' premiered for Exhibition Synapse in France Côte d'Azur

Awarded a full month residency and financial support by the Napoule Art Foundation in France's Côte d'Azur, Alex Côté displayed a studio space to prepare his artwork and performance for the collaboration exhibition 'SYNAPSE', curated by Adwait Singh.


Grant for Emerging artists | Quebec Council for the Arts

This spring, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec presented the artist Alex Côté with a scholarship destined for multidisciplinary emerging artists, to accompany him in the development of his international career.

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