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Based in Montréal, L’Idylle | arts vivants is an artistic non-profit organization that puts forward the creation of multidisciplinary projects, encourages the democratization of the arts and invites an intercultural development oriented towards community and environment. L'Idylle | arts vivants, created in 2015, is now led by the new artistic co-direction of Alex Côté and Mathieu-Philippe Perras. Launching its new structure at the beginning of 2020, L'Idylle | arts vivants takes action through four distinct missions : the creation of performative works and exhibitions; the production of in situ performances in public spaces and nature; the coordination of international art residencies; and the conception of hybrid workshops inviting a collaboration of complementary art disciplines. The board of directors is occupied by Valéry Bécotte (Radio-Canada), Marie-Josée Bergeron, Ariane Côté, Sabrina Leroux (H264), Étienne Morin-Bordeleau (MR-63). 

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