'I intend to draw from my experiences of life and art an idyllic network: a community of artists, creatives ressources and ideas that bring out symbolic issues concerning all lifeform on Earth towards the third millenium'


International artist and emerging performer, Alex Côté creates a contemporary imagery of body, landscape and plastic that unfolds with meditation, contemplation and collective awareness. His work seeks to awaken the primitive soul, the earthly roots and the spiritual connection that bind humans to nature, while soliciting the senses of the viewer and creating sacred aesthetics with the performers. Throughout workshops, residencies, festivals and exhibitions, Alex Côté's creative process has been evolving within the fields of theatre, performance, photography, video, mapping, installation, site-specific and land art. He has shown his work in Berlin, Venice, Rome, New York, Portugal, Poland, Spain, France, and recently in Montréal as a guest-artist VJ for the Nocturnes of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Invited by DeSerres and The Artist Project, he took part of the last Toronto Art Fair 2019 with his contemporary collection of photography. Finally, Alex Côté will participate and perform during the Festival International Art of Performance (FIAP) in Martinique in November. 


 creative director

for your projects of film

stage photography 

or scenography 


video content creator

for your needs in recording editing coloring

mapping film installation

and video projection

 performer actor model

for your photography projects

shows exhibitions

and films




Alex Côté plunges his work in an interdisciplinary aesthetic quest where he seeks, using the movement of gesture, organic and pixels, an idyllic desire for a peaceful world, granted, free of any conflicts in which human fully experience the nature of being. My installative work takes shape by a multidisciplinary investigation of natural materials that shared my environment. Their positioning in museum or scenographic installations is a quest for the sublime, where an infinite attention is sought from the observer. My performative approach questions animism and the tellurian link through research and symbolic images in which bodies, plants and plastics evoke the ontological mutations of our time. 

community & nature oriented

_ Montreal and Europe public development _

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