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performance multidisciplinaire et installation immersive,
portugal-martinique-canada, 2019-2022

"Water.Sync focused on the increasing scarcity of water, an irreplaceable substance, as well as on its rising levels around the world. Vast tracts of land now above sea level, even entire countries, will be destroyed, according to projections that are no longer far off in the future. He added to that a condemnation of the careless pollution of this most vital of natural resources by pesticides and other toxic chemicals, as well as using it as a dumping ground for non-biodegradable materials. He travelled around the world for three years beforehand doing research, filming magnificent landscapes, seascapes, waterfalls, rivers, trees, all endangered and all invaluable. (…) For Martinique, he reminded us that the islands in the region will suffer more – and sooner – when the apocalypse arrives, its deadly consequences already felt by the unprecedented high seas and hurricanes of the past three years. Côté said he doesn’t have a scientific background to lend its authority to his projects; instead, his language is poetic, visual, about beauty and its loss. " 

Lilly Wei, NYC art critic, for Studio International

WATER.sync | Demo Performance in Theatre

WATER.sync | Demo Performance in Theatre

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